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Midland Funding – Help with Information Subpoena and Written Questions


I came across this forum as I was searching for details on Midland Funding and the law firm Pressler and Pressler. Here are the details of what I have received from them:

About a week ago, I received a strange call from individual who stated she was from a law firm and requested me to confirm my personal information in regard to a case. I refused to confirm my personal information and asked what case was being brought against me. She then transferred me over to paralegal who again asked me to confirm my personal information. I refused to provide my SS and other details, and asked them to send me documentation to my home address if they needed to contact me.

Fast forward to this week, and I received two letters in the mail (both the same, but one was sent certified priority). The letter states the following:

Information Subpoena and Written Questions

Midland Funding LLC vs. John Doe
Civil action: Information Subpoena

The State of New Jersey, to: John Doe
JUDGEMENT has been entered against you in teh Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, MERCER Special Civil Part, on "DATE" in the amount of "$xxxx.xx" plus costs, of which "$xxxx.xx" together with interest from "DATE" remains due and unpaid.

Attached to this Information Subpoena is a list of questions that court rules require you to answer within 14 days from the date you receive this subpoena. If you do not answer the attached questions within the time required, the opposing party may ask the court to conduct a hearing in order to determine if you should be held in contempt. You will be compelled to appear at the hearing and explain your reasons for your failure to answer.

If this judgement has resulted from a default, you may have the right to have this default judgement vacated by making an appropriate motion to the court. Contact an attorney or the clerk of the court for information on making such a motion. Even if you dispute the judgement, you must answer all of the attached questions.

The information subpoena document that was attached to this letter asks for all my personal information including SS, wage, loans, property, etc.

I am shocked to receive this letter as I have no idea what this debt is about and they have not included any of that information. The return address for the information subpoena is to the law firm Pressler and Pressler. I am not sure if I should fill out this information subpoena and am cautious since I feel that such information should be provided to the court and not the JDC law firm (I am sure they will use this information to exploit money and cause a headache). What is the appropriate course of action at this point? Do I fill out the information subpoena and send it back? Do I write a validation of debt letter to Pressler and Pressler and hope for the best?

Thank you so much for the help, having a forum like this is relieving at a time of stress.